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Kumbha Bharani in 2021 in Kerala Bhagavathy Temples

Kumbha Bharani is a highly auspicious day as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Kumbha Bharani 2021 date is February 18. It is the day when the Bharani Nakshatra falls in the Malayalam month Kumbham. The day is of great significance at Goddess Bhagavathi Temples in Kerala. The most important festival takes place at the Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple near Alleppey.

Traditionally the Bhagavathy Temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti observes festivals in the Kumbham month. Goddess Shakti for a fortnight in the month visits homes and collects husked rice. Her arrival to homes is bound bring peace, prosperity and luck. In some regions she arrives on Jeevadha which is held on shoulders of two priests. In some places she arrives atop an elephant.

The festival usually lasts for three or more days. The main rituals are held on the Kumbha Bharani day – which includes pulling of huge chariots locally known as Theru and Kuthira.

The rituals observed on the day vary from region to region.

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