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Kaila Devi Mela 2025 Date In Karauli Rajasthan In Chaitra Month – March – April - Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela

Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela at Karauli in Rajasthan begins on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Dwadashi or the 12th day during the waning or dark phase of moon in Chaitra month. The mela is held for a fortnight. Kaila Devi Mela 2025 date is from March 26.

The festival is attended by nearly 2 million people and is famous for traditional rituals, pujas, devotional fervor and color. A huge fair is part of the annual 15-day festival.

A unique ritual that is part of the fair is Kanak-dandoti, devotees who travel to the temple prostrating at regular intervals along the way.

Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela showcase the craftsmanship of numerous people, handcrafted wood, lacquer and metal products, tribal headgear, silver jewelry, mirror work, hand woven and embroidered textiles and much more. Cultural performances and wrestling displays by great wrestlers are part of the annual fair.

Kaila Devi temple is dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Kaila Devi as Mahalakshmi and as Mahayogini. A murti of Goddess Chamunda, a form of Mahakali is also worshipped alongside Ma Kailadevi. The murti Ma Kaila Devi had been worshipped at this place from ancient times.