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Madayil Chamundi Theyyam – Information – Story

Madayil Chamundi is a ferocious Mother Goddess theyyam performed in many tharavadu, kavu and temples in Kasaragod and Kannur region of Kerala during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival. As per information, this form of Mother Goddess Durga or Kali is that she took to defeat demons Chanda and Munda. As per Madayil Chamundi theyyam story, she ventured into the netherworld or pathalam to defeat Chanda and munda. As she entered the netherworld through a cave, she is known as Madayil Chamundi.

Yet another story has it that Mootha Pothuval of Vannattil Tharavadu and his helper Kuruvadan Nair one day ventured into the forest for hunting. Mootha Pothuval shot an arrow at a particular point from where an unusual sound emanated. When they went in search of the animal they shot, the found out it was not an animal but an unusual woman. She chased them and pinned down Motha Pothuval with her sharp fingers. She then tore open his heart and drank blood. She then kicked the body away with her legs which were adorned with chilambu or leg ornament.

People propitiated her and offered her offerings. She took a peaceful form and was given a peedam or seat. As she was first spotted inside a cave she came to be known as Madayil Chamundi.

The theyyam is noted for its highly decorated headdress and other ornaments.

Madayil Chamundi theyyam is offered prayers to overcome difficulties in life. She is propitiated for early cure of diseases and to defeat enemies.

Madayil Chamundi theyyam is performed at Ramanthali Sree Parathi Ara in Kannur, Kasargod Udinur Sree Pavoor Veedu Tharavad, Ramanthali Koyithatta Tharavad Pazhassi Bhagavathi temple, Payyannur Vannadil Kokkarammathu Tharavad Arooda Sthanam Alanthatta Madavathikkal temple, Chamandi Tharavad Sree Chendukulangara Naga Devalayam temple, Annur Thekkekkara Chuvatta Valiyaveedu Panayakkat Bhagavathy Kavu, Kasargod Trikaripur Kunnacheri Poomala Bhagavathi temple, Kannur Payyannur Annur Padinharekara Puthalath Tharavad Devasthanam temple, Cheruvathur Thimiri Kottumoola Kuttamath Chamundeshwari temple and Kannur Pacheni Sree Madayil Bhagavathy temple.