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Story Of Bhanugopan, Son Of Demon Surapadman And Padmakomala

Demon Surapadman controlled all the known worlds and unleashed a reign of terror. He was finally annihilated by Murugan or Kartikeya. There are is an interesting story of Bhanugopan son of Demon Surapadman And Padmakomala. He had tied up Surya, the sun god.

Padmakomala, was the daughter of Vishwakarma, the divine architect. He was forced to give her in marriage to Demon Surapadman. The couple had a son who showed extraordinary strength as an infant.

Surya moved across the sky as usual but on this the rays fell on the cradle in which the infant was sleeping. The infant was disturbed by the bright light falling on the cradle. The baby jumped up towards Surya. He pulled him out of the chariot and tied him to his cradle. The world plunged into darkness as a result of this action.

Brahma asked Surapadman to intervene but the father proudly told Brahma that Surya was not his captive. He should approach his son.

Brahma went to the infant and gave him numerous gifts. But the infant was not ready to release Surya. Finally, the infant told that he would release Surya in exchange of Brahmastra.

Brahma agreed and bestowed Brahmastra and Mohanastra on the infant.

From that day onwards, the infant came to be known as Bhanugopan, guardian of the Sun.