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Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy Theyyam – Story – Information

Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy Theyyam (കൂവളംതാട്ട് ഭഗവതി തെയ്യം) is a Mother Goddess Shakti theyyam performed annually during the theyyam kaliyattam thira festival mainly in Kannur region of North Kerala. As per information, Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy is a manifestation of Goddess Bhadrakali who annihilated Darikasura. Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy theyyam story is that of her traveling one day from Madayikavu to Ashtamichal temple. When she reached Kalichal tree, she felt and intense thirst that could devour the entire water in the universe. At this time Kuthoor Maniyani was grazing his cows. Seeing the divine lady suffering due to thirst, he cut a bamboo and made a vessel and milked a cow. He gave the milk to Goddess Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathi who drank it and got satiated. She blessed him with her presence in his home, kannikottil and karalikara.

Goddess Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathi wears a golden waistband with bells. She holds sword and trishul or trident. Her theyyam is noted for an unsually long thiru mudi or head gear.

Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy theyyam is performed at many temples in Kannur district including Alapadamb Kunnummal Tharavad Pulunthatt Bhagavathy temple, Ramanthali Sree Thekkadavan Dharma Daivasthanam temple, Edat Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Kotti Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Payyannur Kokkanasseri Sree Kannangattu Bhagavathy temple Kandankaali Kaaralikkara Kannangatt Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Ramanthali Sree Thamarathuruthi Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Payyannur Kankole Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Peringome Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Alakkad Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu temple.