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Dreaming Of Buying Haunted House – Meaning

Dreaming of buying a haunted house is a bad omen dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. It means family disintegrating and members going away. It also means solitude and loneliness in near future. Dreams of buying haunted house also means you will make poor decisions in near future in property and financial matters.

Dreaming of buying haunted and you know the property means damage to house due to natural calamities. It also means problems to those living in the house you see in dream. You might also be forced to leave the current location and go back to your original house which is now dilapidated.

Dream of buying haunted house and you see bats, snakes, owls or super natural beings means you will face trouble in a lonely or abandoned place. It is a warning sign and you should avoid visiting such places even with known people.

Dreaming of you searching for something and then buying a haunted house means guilt of not doing something you should have done at the proper time. It is a kind of warning to correct things at the earliest.

Dream of buying haunted you had never seen or visited means you will decide to go away from your current residence and buy a new property and renovate it. It also means taking up new challenges in life.

Dream of buying haunted house and you are seen happy in the dream means luck in property related matters.