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Quotes On The Scientific Spirit In Hinduism

A small collection of scientific spirit in Hinduism.

Not men of magical skills, not men of wisdom impair the primeval laws of the gods. Ne’er may the heaven and earth, which know no malice, nor the fixed hills, be bowed by sage devices. (Rig Veda, 3.56.1)

As are the crests of peacocks and gems on the hoods of serpents, so is mathematics at the very forefront of the Vedic auxiliaries. (Vedanga Jyotisha, 4)

Generally speaking, persons endowed with the capacity to investigate the truth of things lift themselves from the evils of instinctive life by their own discriminative power. One’s guru is oneself, especially for human beings, for they are able to raise their lives to a cultural level through observation and inference. (Bhagavata, 11.7.19–20)

That which the wise speak of as the generator of knowledge when one is grounded in it, which is the unmanifest source of all that is manifest — to that unmanifest Ruler and to mathematics, I bow down. (Bhaskaracharya, Bijaganita, ‘Mangalacharana’, 1)

As is the sun to a forest of lotuses and a lamp to a house, so is logic (indispensable) in illuminating scientific texts. (Sushruta Samhita, ‘Uttaratantra’, 7)