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Shaking Or Restless Movement Of Hands And Legs – Cure In Yoga

Patanjali, the eminent master of the yoga system, acknowledges the wisdom of the proverb "prevention is better than cure" and underscores its applicability within the realm of yoga. To facilitate the pursuit of yoga, he has delineated nine hindrances to the practice in the Yoga Sutras 1.30, and has supplemented this list with an additional five obstacles in Yoga Sutras 1.31. He refers to these hindrances as coexisting with mental distractions. The third obstacle he identifies is the agitation or restlessness of the body, often manifesting as the shaking or fidgeting of hands and legs (referred to as Angamejayatva).

When sorrow, disappointment, and despair are not transformed through discrimination and willpower, they can provoke significant inner turmoil, leading to restlessness in the mind. This restlessness, in turn, manifests in physical movements. As a result, the aspirant finds it challenging to maintain a steady posture and frequently changes position. By persevering in the practice of yoga, repetitively chanting the sacred sound of "Om" (pranava), and adopting an attitude of surrender to the divine, one can gradually mitigate this disturbance.