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Kunnavu Jala Durga Temple – Subrahmanya Temple – Kannur Jaladurga Temple

The Kunnavu Subrahmanya Temple is situated in Kunnav, Kannur district, Kerala. The main deity in the temple is Subrahmanyan. The temple is famous for Jala Durga murti facing west and it is believed to have been consecrated by Parasurama.

The Jaladurga temple and the adjacent Siva temple predate the Subrahmanya deity. Remarkably, the basements of some shrines have a hexagonal shape, a rarity in architecture. This temple complex features the main shrine of Subrahmanyan, a circular shrine of Siva, sub-shrines of Bhadrakali and Ayyappa in hexagonal shapes, and the shrine of jaladurga in the midst of a small pond with a Shila idol, devoid of any specific form and standing at a height of 15 cms.

The temple conducts three daily poojas, with significant festivals including Navaratri, Shivratri, and Thaipooyam. Mandala Kalam (November 17 to December 27) is observed with diverse rituals and religious programs. The main priesthood is associated with the Moothedath Illom of Kannur. The administration of the temple was taken over by the Devaswom Board in 1958, with a local committee actively participating in welfare activities.