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Vishnupad Temple Story – Feet OF Bhagavan Vishnu

The Vishnupad Temple, situated in Gaya, Bihar, India, is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu – holy feet of Bhagavan Vishnu is worshipped in the temple. The temple holds a significant place in Hindu scriptures and is believed to be constructed at the location where Bhagavan Vishnu defeated the demon Gayasura. The story behind the temple is rich with symbolism and conveys a moral lesson about righteousness and the pursuit of salvation.

According to the legend, Gayasura, a powerful demon, performed intense penance and sought a boon that anyone who laid eyes on him would attain salvation (Moksham). The prospect of salvation being easily obtained by merely seeing him raised concerns among the gods. In response to this, Bhagavan Vishnu devised a plan to prevent immoral individuals from gaining unwarranted salvation.

Bhagavan Vishnu granted Gayasura's wish but with a twist. He instructed Gayasura to go beneath the earth, and in doing so, Vishnu placed his right foot on the demon's head. This act not only subdued Gayasura but also left an indelible mark on the surface—a footprint believed to be of Bhagavan Vishnu. The footprint, etched into a block of basalt known as Dharmasila, measures 40 cm and is a revered symbol at the temple.

The footprint contains nine distinct symbols, representing various weapons of Bhagavan Vishnu, such as Shankam, Chakram, and Gadham. These symbols hold deep religious significance and are considered potent elements of divine power.

After being pushed into the earth, Gayasura, now beneath the surface, pleaded for sustenance. In response to his plea, Bhagavan Vishnu granted him a boon: every day, someone would offer him food. Those who performed this act of charity would ensure the souls of their departed loved ones reached heaven. It is believed that as long as Gayasura receives food daily, he remains beneath the earth. However, should a day pass without an offering, it is thought that he would emerge.

As a result, devotees from various parts of India and around the world come to the Vishnupad Temple to pray for the well-being of their departed relatives and offer food to Gayasura. This ritual is seen as a way to ensure the salvation of the souls of the deceased and is a testament to the enduring cultural and religious significance of the Vishnupad Temple in Gaya.