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Hindu Goddess Of Dance

The Hindu goddess of dance is often identified as Shiva's consort, Parvati, in her form as "Natya Parvati" or "Nritya Parvati." The word "Natya" means dance, and "Nritya" refers to the expressive aspect of dance. In this form, Parvati is revered as the embodiment of grace and beauty in dance.

Additionally, the Hindu pantheon includes other deities associated with dance. Lord Shiva himself is often depicted as "Nataraja," the Lord of Dance, symbolizing the cosmic dance that creates, sustains, and destroys the universe. The dance of Shiva is known as the "Ananda Tandava," representing the rhythmic flow of creation and destruction.

So, while Parvati is often specifically associated with the goddess of dance, Shiva's role as the cosmic dancer is also significant in Hindu religion.