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What Does It Mean When You Hear A Person’s Name In Your Dream?

When you hear a person’s name in your dream it means you will soon be facing the person in real life situations. If you know the person whose name is heard in the dream means you will have to cooperate with the person. If you are angry or worried in the dream means a person will take advantage of your vulnerable situation. It also means getting carried away by outward appearance and regretting later.

When you hear a person’s name in your dream and you are not present means you will face difficulties due to this person. It also means an action of yours might invite trouble to the person whose name was taken in your dream.

Dreaming and hearing a person’s name and you have never met such a person means you will meet new people who might give you better life perspective. It also means romance related invitations.

Hearing a person’s name in dream and if it is of a dead person means you will be forced to revisit an old incident. It also means old memories haunting you. It is also a reminder about something you had promised to do and you have not yet done.