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Dreaming Of Peeing – Meaning

Dreaming of peeing is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will find relief to a problem. It also means respite after some real tense moments. The dream is also associated with success and peace. Dreams of peeing and you are not seen in the dream means accidently getting into awkward situations.

Dream of peeing and you are seen with other people or friends mean fun time. It also means doing things that you would never do in a normal situation.

Dreaming of peeing and you wake up terrified or angry means violation of your personal space. It also means someone taking advantage of your personal problem.

Dreams of peeing and you are in a strange world or unknown place means facing trouble in doing basic things in a new place. It also means fear and shame causing problems in your life.

Dream of peeing and you see red or yellow color means health issues. It also means your plans will be badly affected by a sudden emergency.