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Dreaming Of Broken Screen – Meaning

Dreaming of broken screen is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon watch or hear something gruesome. It also means being a witness to something illegal or totally against the values of society. Dreams of broken screen also mean bad luck and you will be wrongly blamed for something. It also means damage to something of your daily use and is of immense importance.

Dream of broken screen and there are other people in the dream means you will witness trouble created by a group. It also means sudden problems in a peaceful place.

Dreaming of broken screen and you are seen walking around it or doing something weird means you will have suicidal thoughts. It also means you will come under the influence of negative propaganda or evil sect. It should be taken as a warning sign.

Dreams of broken screen and you are alone in the dream means you will face depression or other mental health issues. You need to take help from elders or professionals after seeing such dreams constantly.