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Why Does Man Look For God?

Simple straightforward answer to the question why does man look for God is because of fear and fulfillment of desires. Another reason for the search of god is fear of death. Insecure future, every growing list of desires, health issues… are some of the other reasons. But very rarely some want a perfect ideal – a perfect being that fits into all the definition of goodness or social ideals.

The child want a god for everlasting delivery of chocolates, youngster for his or her love, adult for a secure future and wealth and the old want god to skip death. For majority of people God is directly or indirectly connected with desire.

But God can never fulfill our desires it is not because our desires keep changing. Desires are product of human mind which itself is wrongly tuned. Thousands of years ago man prayed to god for food and survival. Today man prays for costly cars and gadgets. In future it will be to go to a better planet. Desires are not associated with god but it’s a human phenomenon.

There are also people who look for god as a source of strength. A power that will give them that extra something needed to succeed.

If we look majority of people connect with god based on the needs of the society in which they live or the community they are part of. So God is a product of society for them – as God fulfills the human needs in the society.

There are some rare human beings who identifies god not with things but as infinite. For them there is only God. There is no other. When there is no other, there is no place for fear and desire. Such high level of understanding makes life on earth blissful.

There is no one answer to why does man look for god, the answer varies from individual to individual. The answer depends on the understanding of the individual.