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Logic Is Worthless In Spirituality

If you are a person too concerned about logic and results, then your spiritual journey will end in failure. Logic is worthless in spirituality. There is no success or achievement in true spirituality. When truth dawns, there is nothing to discuss or prove. It is a state beyond words and explanation. Human words and thoughts are irrelevant in that existence.

The world of logic and results exist only when there is the other – someone to defeat or prove something. The aim of spirituality to is realize that there is no second. This is because the infinite cannot be divided into two. All that is here is the infinite.

Many apply logic to question rituals, pujas and prayers. What these people do not realize is that these are mere steps in spirituality. Each person walks the road of spirituality in a different way. They take the correct road only when realization strikes them. Wrong or right each step is very important for the individual.

Do not question methods in spirituality. As long as a person is not hurting another living being, the person has the right to follow the chosen spiritual path.

Spirituality is a personal communion. It is a walk back to the source or truth. The logic of human beings have no place in this walk back to source.