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Dreaming Of Broken Road – Meaning

Dreaming of broken road is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means problems in life and you will find it really hard to move forward in life. It is a warning sign and you need to be careful about all aspects of your life. Dreams of broken road also mean you will have to go through severe hardships to reach your goal.

Dream of broken road and you are seen struggling in the dream means getting stuck in a bad place. It also means having to deal with things and situations which you would never want to be part of.

Dreaming of broken road and you know the place means you can expect some kind of trouble in your regular matters. It is also a sign of sudden problems in your regular road or route.

Dreams of broken road and you are not seen in the dream means a lucky escape from a bad situation.

Dream of getting stuck in broken road means troubles during travels. It also means a distant journey might get into problems.

Dreams of falling in broken road mean embarrassment and scandal. It also means your enemies will be active.