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Dreaming Of Buying A Land – Meaning

Dreaming of buying a land is good and positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get opportunity to make new investments; there will be success in financial matters and financial help from family members. It also means you will decide to go independent in near future. Dreams of buying land and you see dark clouds or red color means you might be cheated in the name of land or property. It is a warning sign.

Dream of buying a land and you see your family members means there will be positive results in most matters. It also means new job or desire fulfillment regarding career. It also means financial gains and happiness in the family.

Dreaming of buying a land and there is lot of color suggests luck in lottery or games. It also means discovery of treasure or unexpected financial fortune.

Dreaming of buying a land and you are sad or crying suggests lack of confidence or lost opportunity. It also means you will not want to make changes to your current life but you will be forced to make changes.