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It Is Much Easier To Worship Bhagavan

It is much easier to worship Bhagavan. No sacrifice, no austerities, no fasts, no vows are required in the worship of the true God. But we are too rajasic. We must always be doing something. We imagine that God is like us, a domineering despot. But that is very wrong. What does Bhagavan care for our asceticism? All he asks for is a little love. That will do. His yoke is light, but we make it heavy. God is not like us. He does not consider the gift, but the giver. Where there is love there He is pleased. Love is the great magnet. When steel is magnetized it is drawn towards the magnet. Love is the magnetizer. Once we are touched by true love, at once we fly towards the magnet, which is Bhagavan Himself. No effort is required; the magnet does it all.

But sometimes the iron becomes rusty and then the magnetic power cannot reach the iron on account of the rust. That is when our heart becomes dry and cold and we harbor evil thoughts and intentions. Then God’s love cannot reach us. He is near and the same as always, the same strong magnet. But we have allowed rust to gather and so the power of God does not draw us. Love removes the rust. And when our hearts are clear again and free from evil, at once we are again drawn towards God. This is a natural process. It is the law of love that applies to everyone. It works the same everywhere. Love attracts and unites. It is all powerful. By love the world is conquered. Love overcomes all opposition, all hatred and all indifference. It is a great and wonderful touchstone. With love in our hearts, the whole world smiles and becomes lovable. Nothing and nobody can withstand love. But such strong love is very rare, because we love ourselves so much that little is left to go out towards others. It is mostly spent on ourselves.