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Tripura Upanishad Teachings

She was alone (in the beginning), the primal (cause of the universe), (she was the indwelling power of and) she became nine (yonis), she became nineteen (nine yonis and ten internal yonis), she became twenty-nine (nine yonis, ten internal yonis, and ten external yonis), then (was born) forty-three (nine yonis, ten internal yonis, ten external yonis, five organs of action, five organs of knowledge, mind, intellect, ego, and chitta). She is glowing intensely, as if desirous. Let the Mothers, (identified with the Sri Chakra) enter me (or my body through mantras and rituals because my body is a form of the Sri Chakra).

I praise the Mother of the universe (who resides in) the three worlds, on the three sides (triangles), having nine lines (formed by the nine yonis), with visarga (ah) in the middle (of the central triangle of Sri Chakra, which is the place of her worship). She shines in the primal eternal sixteenth in the centre of the city (that is, Sri Chakra, she who is) great (and the cause of) the fifteen tithis (or dates, who are the fifteen deities of the fifteen lunar days of a month, beginning with Kameshwari and ending with Chitra).

In Kamalakala meditation, the two circles of the vahni-mandala, fire circle; and surya mandala, sun circle are the two breasts, one reflection is the face and half (the letter ha is the female organ and also refers to the bhupura chakra in the outermost gateways of Sri Chakra).

The three (limbs of human body divided into three sections: from the head to the throat,from the throat to the breasts, and from the heart to the anus) are the secret houses (identified with the outermost three lines of the bhugriha chakra within the Sri Chakra). Meditating upon the desired (and transforming oneself into) the aspect (of the consciousness of Shiva and) that which has a desirable form, a person (the worshipper) is born as the embodiment of desire (who creates a disturbance in the minds of onlookers because of one’s beauty).