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Kannada Proverbs In English

 A collection of Kannada proverbs translated in English.

Who can evade one’s destiny?

We see a person’s nature in their proverbs.

Can anybody wipe out what is written on the forehead?

Crying on the road, you cannot get what you haven’t brought in the beginning.

Shanishwara pursues, even if one goes to Rameshwara.

You have to suffer for what you have done.

Whatever one gets is the most blessed for one.

There is no home free from death; there is no oven free from fire.

A yogi gets what is due for a yogi; a jogi gets what is due for a jogi.

God, who has begotten you, won’t make you eat grass, i.e., He will provide for you.

Won’t He, who has decreed this life for you, proved you with necessities for living?

A dead body is only a corpse whether the king dies or a dog dies.

If the cow is black, is its milk also black?

All milk is white; all blood is red.

Food grains have neither heredity nor kinship.

Does the buyer of the land bother about the caste of the seller?

Is the light also low if it comes from the house of a low caste person?

The God of the mountain doesn’t require mountainous leaves for worship.

Babies are with those who cuddle them, God is with those who worship him.

The unfettered monkey burnt Lanka.

Ravana fell because of a woman; the Kauravas fell because of land.

War doesn’t heed uncles or relatives.

To side with the Pandavas and eat with the Kauravas.

There is no God other than oneself.

God and the individual self are the same.

Just as mud takes the form of different pots only to return to its original state, the self takes on different forms though it remains unaffected.