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Lokanarkavu Temple – Information – Lokanarkavu Devi

Lokanarkavu temple is located at Ayyanchery village, around 5 km from Vadakara, in Kozhikode district, Kerala. There are three main temples in Lokanarkavu – the main deities worshipped in the shrine are Vishnu, Shiva and Goddess Bhagavathi (Bhadrakali). Importance is given to Bhagavathy who is famous as Lokanarkavu Devi or Lokanarkavil Amma.

The Bhagavathi worshipped here is known as Lokanarkavu Devi. She was the family deity or paradevata of Thacholi Tharavadu (ancient warrior family of Kerala). She is mentioned in Vadakkan Pattu.

The oldest shrine among the three is that of Bhagavan Vishnu. The consecration of the murti was done by Parashurama. The right hand of Vishnu is slightly towards the front. The Chaturbahu or four-armed murti of Vishnu holds Shankh, Gada and Chakra.

Shiva is worshipped in the form of Shivling in the temple. It is believed that the murti was consecrated on 1st day of Kolla Varsham (When kollavarsham era began in Kerala).

The pratishtha of Bhagavathy (Bhadrakali) is Manithoonu and it is believed that Goddess Bhadrakali was consecrated after the pratishtha of Shivling. It is believed that the murti of Bhagavathy was brought by Puthuppanam Vazhunnor from Kodungallur.

Goddess worshipped at Lokanarkavu temple was the Kuladevata of Kadathanattu kings.

The darshanam of Bhagavathy is towards east. Bhagavathy has a flag post or kodimaram. The annual festival in the temple begins on Rohini nakshatra day with kodiyettam and ends on Pooram nakshatra with arattu.

There is a unique belief that Tantri should not enter the sanctum sanctorum of Bhagavathy alone. He usually enters behind the main priest.

Legend goes that Lokanarkavu temple was constructed by the Lohana community of traders and merchants who migrated from Sindh in Gujarat. Some believe that the original name of the temple was Lokanarkavu and others believe that it is the short form of Lokamalayarkavu ( Loka - people, mala - mountain, aru -river and kavu - sacred grove). 

Lokanarkavu Temple Festival – Pooram

This main festival held at Lokanarkavu Temple is in the month of Vrischikam (mid-November to mid-December), known as Lokanarkavu Utsavam lasts for 41 days. The festival is locally known as Mandala Vilakku Utsavam.

One of the unique features of the festival is that it is the only temple in Kerala where the folk dance called Thacholikali (similar to Kalaripayattu, the martial art form) is performed.  

The 8-day Pooram festival held in the month of Meenam (March-April) is another important annual festival. The festivities begin with Kodiyettam (flag hoisting) and conclude with Arattu (holy bath).

The major highlight of 8-day festival is the Poorakkali, a ritual art form performed in Bhagavathy Temples and Poora Pattu.  

Ezhunnallathu is held in Makaram month.