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Benefits Of Chanting Names Of Gods In Hinduism

Chanting names of gods is an important religious ritual in Hinduism. Here is a look at the benefits of chanting the names of Gods.

It helps to develop inner peace.

It provides a different kind of happiness.

It helps to connect with the God.

It opens the heart with feelings of love and affection.

Chanting names of gods destroys the negative energy. The Yoga Sutras state that chanting of Om can destroy diseases, laziness, doubts, nervousness, and lamentation. It destroys all the seeds of negativity. It helps the person to be free from the burden of negativity so that they can live life peacefully.

Chanting names of gods is easy and it can be performed at anytime anywhere. When chanting the name of God is done with single pointed focus, devotion and pure heart, it leads to moksha or liberation.

It awakens blissfulness and natural joy in a person

Chanting the names of gods are described as one of the topmost spiritual processes. According to the Bhagavad Gita, it is the topmost form of sacrifice.

Chanting names of Bhagavan creates a divine connection. It is considered the greatest of all benefits.