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Chant Name Of Bhagavan Rama For Happiness In Kali Yuga – Ram Navami Thoughts

Sri Ram Navami Thoughts 

The name of Bhagavan Sri Ram is a wish-yielding tree, the very home of beatitude in this age of Kali (current era – the dark kali yuga), by remembering which Tulsidas was transformed from an intoxicating drug like the hemp plant into the holy basil.

Not only in this Kali age, but in all the four ages, at all times (past, present and future) and in all three spheres (viz., heaven, earth and the subterranean region) creatures have been rid of grief by repeating the name of Sri Ram.

The verdict of the Vedas and the Puranas as well as of saints is just this; that love of Rama is the reward of all virtuous acts.

In the first sage, through meditation; in the second age, through sacrifice; and in the Dwapara age the Lord is propitiated through worship. This age of Kali, however, is simply corrupt and the root of all impurities, where the mind of man wallows like a fish in the ocean of sin. In this terrible age the name of Bhagavan Rama alone is the wish-yielding tree, the very thought of which puts an end to all the illusion of the world.

Source – Ramacharitamanasa of Tulsidas.