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Truth Does Not Change – Sanatana Dharma Teachings

In this world of change there is one thing that remains constant: Brahman, Atman, or God, the divine ground of Being. Truth does not change. Both Krishna and Patanjali said that the mind can be controlled by the constant practice of meditation and detachment. Will this method of controlling the mind ever change?

At the heart of all religions lies truthfulness, purity, renunciation, love, devotion, compassion, forgiveness, unselfishness, non-violence, self-control, humility, and so on. That inner core remains the same even as rituals, ways of worship, and religious practices evolve over time.

The human body goes through six changes: it is born, exists, grows, develops, decays, and dies. Throughout all of this the Atman or pure Consciousness that dwells within all of us remains the same. God’s knowable attributes – goodness, truth, beauty, being, awareness, bliss, love, creativity, and power – remain the same. The Katha Upanishad tells us: ‘There is One who is the eternal Reality among non-eternal objects, the one [truly] conscious Entity among conscious objects, and who, though non-dual, fulfills the desires of many. Eternal peace belongs to the wise who perceive Him within themselves – not to others.

People all over the world and in all religions are trying to attain eternal peace. It cannot be bought in the market, so people follow religious paths and practice spirituality to reach their goal. Religious paths are many but their goal is God or the ultimate Reality that is called by various names.

As the ocean is the final destination of many rivers on different continents, so the goal of all religions is God. Religions are different paths to reach God, but they are not God. So it is our duty to search for the truth using religion as a tool and not to get immersed and mistake the tool to be the truth.