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Hinduism – The Abode Of Harmonious Coexistence Of Religions

Hinduism, by virtue of its recognition of the inevitable plurality of the expressions of spiritual truth, contributes to the attitude of tolerance and strengthens the idea of the harmonious coexistence of all religions.

All religions owe their inspiration to the personal insights of their founders. Unlike other religions, ‘Hinduism is not a ‘founded’ religion. Hinduism has no human founder like other religions of the world. It is verified experience of a large number of Rishis. Its distinctive characteristic has been its insistence on the inward life of the spirit. The ultimate ground of Hinduism is spiritual experience and not an authority.

Rabindranath Tagore rightly distinguishes between a second hand religion – that of mere tradition – and the first hand religion of personal experience. Hinduism is of the latter class. For Hinduism, religion is salvation; it is more a transforming experience than a notion of God. Real religion can exist without a definite conception of the deity but not without a distinction between the spiritual and the profane, the sacred and the secular.

Hinduism accepts all forms of beliefs and lifts them to a higher level. Thus, it inspires a great dream of a world society where all religions shall exist harmoniously. Today, the harmonization (samanvaya) has to be extended to all living faiths of humankind. We must express our beliefs in this context and shape the real questions regarding a modern human being.

For a Hindu, faith does not mean dogmatism, and religion is a matter of personal belief and practices. Dogmatists limit God to only one aspect that they see. Their role is like that of the blind people who examine the elephant, come to different conclusions and quarrel about their partial standpoints. A true religion transcends the dogmatic limitations of any religious faith and contributes to the idea of a universal form of religion that links all faiths together. All seek the same truth, which is called by different names. Different religions address the same Reality in different ways.

Source - Prabuddha Bharata July 2021 Issue page number - 33 -34 - article titled 'Global Hinduism – Harmony of religions from the perspective of modern Hinduism'.