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Story Goddess Chandika Devi In Himachal Pradesh

Story of powerful Goddess Chandika Devi worshipped in Himachal Pradesh is different from other regions of India. According to local Himachali legend, Chandika was the eldest of 18 children of demon Banasur.

Goddess Chandika Devi was given the responsibility of distributing Kinnaur among her siblings, and kept Kothi in the ancient Sairagregion with its scented pines and apricot orchards, for herself.

However, to rule Sairag, she had to defeat the demon who supported the Thakurs of the region. She managed to trick the demon and in decapitating him. But the demon had the power to grow back its head indefinitely.

She then took the help of one of her brother, Chagaon Maheshwar. He told her the secret of the immortality of the demon. A small life-giving beetle fluttering near the demon at all times was why she was unable to kill the demon.

Goddess Chandika Devi in the next battle smashed the beetle and then easily killed the demon forever.