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Chidakasha Concept Explained By Sri Ramana Maharshi

Chit means Consciousness or Pure Knowledge. Ambaram means dress or garment. And it also means space or ether . Hence Chidambaram and Chidakasa are synonymous.

The principle of Chidakasha is explained as follows by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Chidakasha (Chit-ether) is Pure knowledge only. It is the source of the mind. Just at the moment of rising up, the mind is only light; only afterwards the thought I am this rises up; this I-thought forms the jiva and the world.

The first light is the pure mind, the mind-ether or Iswara. Its modes manifest as objects. Because it contains all these objects within itself it is called mind-ether. Why ether? Like ether containing objects it contains the thoughts, therefore it is the mindeether.

Again, j u s t as the physical ether though accommodating all the gross objects (the whole universe) is itself the content of the mind-ether, so also the latter itself is the content of Chit-ether. The last one is Chit itself. There are no things contained in it. It remains as Pure Knowledge only.