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Jitamtestotra Teachings

Jitamtestotra (1.4-7, 2.10) teachings found in the Pancaratra Agama and the Narada Pancaratra.

The wise, attaining to you (Bhagavan Vishnu) alone the surest refuge, cross the terrible ocean of birth and death, the cause of endless pain and misery.

You (Bhagavan Vishnu) have no color, no form, no weapons, no particular abode. Yet you reveal yourself to your devotees in a personal form.

Nothing is beyond your range of vision and understanding but you are not perceived by any. Everything is realized by you, yet you are not realized by any.

The sages know you to be the primary cause of things, the greatest of the objects ever expressed in words and the ultimate goal of all spiritual paths. You are verily the supreme existence.

Lord of the universe, lover of your devotees, with your grace, do you somehow save me who am helpless, unhappy and disappointed through my failure to attain the goal.