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Five Parts Of Tantric Worship

There are five parts in tantric worship: snana, ablution; sandhya, worship performed at the three junctures of daybreak, midday, and evening; tarpana, pleasing; puja, worship; and homa, sacrificial ceremony.

Of these the first is not merely external ablution but a mystic one - the act of diving deep into the heart and bathing in the nectar that flows from the brain-centre of sahasrara.

Next in line comes a type of daily prayer, sandhya, for purifying the aspirant from all sins committed during the day and night.

The third part, tarpana, is done by rousing the coiled power from the base of spine upward to the brain-centre and bathe it again in the same spring of nectar incessantly flowing therefrom.

The fourth, that is, the worship part, signifies the worship of the coiled power with various qualities like amaya, devoid of delusion; anahamkara, free from egoism; and araga, absence of worldly attachment.

After propitiating the deity, the worshipper performs the last part of worship, homa, in which the entire world is offered in the blazing fire of knowledge.