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Cunning Philosophy Of Minister Kanika In Mahabharata

Kanika was a cunning minister of Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata. His political philosophy earned the nickname Kanika Kuta Niti. Here are some cunning philosophies of Kanika from Adi Parva 139 of Mahabharata.

Threaten the timid. Bow before the strong. Bribe the greedy. Kill the enemy if he were your son, friend, brother, father or preceptor. This is the royal path to success (Adi Parva 139.50-12).

Ever have your punishing hand raised; that alone will keep your opponent on tenterhooks. Thus, get things done by others through fear of punishment (Adi Parva 139 Verse 7).

Never disregard an enemy even if he be weak. Note that even a spark of fire will burn down a forest with external help like the wind.

Cut down your enemy, first and foremost cut off his root, and then only his allies, his party and others. When the base has been cut, all others would have been done for. How can branches grow in a tree when the root has been cut?

Carry the enemy on your shoulder when times are adverse. Once times become favorable, break him, even as a mud pot on a stone slab.

When you strike your enemy, speak sweetly. When he has been struck down, show kindness, appear sad and even weep.

Suspect even those above suspicion; and always suspect those who are suspect worthy.

Folded hands, friendly assertions, words of entreaty, falling at one’s feet, creation of hopes – these are to be practiced by those who are keen on success.

Rouse hopes in others with a time lag; lengthen the time by posting obstacles; account for the obstacles; and blame the non-action on some cause or the other.