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Supreme Peace Resides Within Us

Supreme Peace resides within us but unfortunately, we are unable to realize this and therefore we search for it externally here and there. And because of this external search we never get peace.

Good and bad fortune in this world cannot be changed by us. But our attitude towards good and bad fortune can be changed.

Irrespective of what be our outside circumstances, the Supreme Truth is ever present us. This Supreme Truth is present in all of us. It constantly keeps changing forms. Death and birth are constant play of That Supreme Truth. When we are able to realize this, we achieve Supreme Peace.

Supreme peace eludes us because we are constantly searching for peace in impermanent things. Everything that we see in the world will undergo change but we are of the belief that all this will remain like this. We cling on to this belief. And when the change happens we feel dejected, angry and frustrated.

Searching for peace in man-made things is yet another human folly. All the things made by human beings gives us pleasure for few moments and then they bring tons of misery. Human-made things are unnatural and it will eventually come into conflict with nature. And this is we are witnessing today - earth is slowly turning out to be inhospitable. 

The only source of Supreme Peace can happen when we realize that all that is here is nothing but Supreme Truth. Give up all kinds of false belief and ego. See the unity in nature. Think on the Upanishad teaching that there is no Second.