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Importance Of Guru In Tantric Tradition In Hinduism

 Almost all the major agamas like the Rajarajeshwari Tantra, recognizes the importance of guru in tantric tradition in Hinduism. Various tantric texts acknowledges Guru as a supreme torchbearer.

Guru reveals the Kundalini Shakti and her creation of trinity, hence Shakti is known as Tripura. She is also known as Maha Tripura Sundari and Lalita. She is the destroyer of the demon known as Bhandasura. Lalitha is always associated with Shiva. She is one with Shiva. Sri Chakra is the symbolic body of Shiva and Lalitha. So Sri Chakra is her abode. All the Dasa Mahavidyas are the manifestation of Srividya.

The secret of Srividya has been unfolded by Her great worshipers. These are – Manu, Chandra, Kubera, Lopamudra, Manmatha, Agastya, Nandikesha, Surya, Vishnu, Skanda, Shiva and Durvasa. These are twelve in number and are the originators of the Srividya following. So all these are great spiritual masters known as gurus in Tantric tradition.

The list can be classified into three categories. Some are manavas (men), some are siddhas and some are divyas (gods). There are two schools among these spiritual masters. Some are worshipers of Kadi Vidya, while some are worshipers of Hadi Vidya. All the mantras of Kadi and Hadi are revealed only through the medium of the guru. So, in Tantra, guru is the supreme guide.