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Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple – Unique Temple With Sri Krishna On The Lap Of Ganesha

Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy temple is located around 500 meters from Kuruppanthara railway station in Kottayam district, Kerala. The shrine is unique as the murti here is of Ganesha with Sri Krishna on his lap. The sankalpam is of the murti here is that of Vaishnava Ganapathy. As per some belief the prathishta is of Beeja Ganapathi.

The most important festival in the temple is held on Vinayaka Chaturthi day in Chingam month. The 8-day festival is held in such a manner that Pallivetta is observed on Vinayaka Chaturthi day.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Bhagavathy, Sastha, Anthimahakalan, Aaya Yakshi, and Brahma Rakshas.

As per history, Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy was a grama devata of ancient Kerala. The Ooranma sthanam of the temple was with Malliyoor, Aryapalli and Vadakkedam. Currently the temple is managed by Malliyoor illam as other two illams became extinct.