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Cherukole Pooram - Subhananda Gurudeva Jayanti

Cherukole Pooram, also known as Subhananda Gurudeva jayanti, is observed at the Subhananda Ashramam at Cherukol, Mavelikara in Alleppey District, Kerala. The asramam was established in 1918 by Brahmasree Subhananda Gurudev. Cherukole is birth anniversary of  Brahmasree Subhananda Gurudevan and is observed on Pooram nakshatra day in Malayalam Meda Masam (April – May). In 2024, it is the 142nd Pooram Janma Nakshatra Maholsavam or birth anniversary of the saint who spread the teachings of peace, unity and Vedanta.

Subhananda Ashramam is an Advaita Vedanta spiritual movement and its mission is to attain status of One Caste, One Religion, and One God to mankind. As per the teachings of the ashrama, without caste, creed, religion, region and gender any one can obtain Moksha (liberatio) through Namasankeerthanam by strict adherence of Sathya Upadesh, Janmanthara Jnanopadesh.

Subhananda Gurudeva, the founder of the ashram, was born on 28th April 1882 in Kulayikkal, Budhanoor village, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala to the devout Sambava couples Ittyathi and Kochu Neeli. Father was an astrologer and mother was pious woman. The couple was endlessly visiting holy temples and performed several Pooja and Bhajans for a child. After the long twenty four years of marriage, the fortunate Kochu Neeli gave birth to a blessed child at the age of forty and blissfully named him as Paappan.

In small age itself, the child started giving spiritual discourses and did wonders. The bewildered parents thought some invisible power had entered their son and took the child to temples and renowned astrologers to seek the remedy. However, the priest in the temple devotionally said “you gave birth to the protector of mankind, a marvelous gift for this Kali Yuga; who will be worshipped by millions”. 

At the age of seven, He had a vision of heavenly light of unimaginable strength and luminosity. This experience lasted for three days continuously and returned to normal life on the fourth day with the realization that this is the eternal light of Para Brahma. He discovered that in the inner self of every individual, sparks of this heavenly light is burning and its existence can be realized only with the help of Jagad Guru.

Thereafter He went on to a deep mediation underneath a laurel tree for the realization of the divine light which he had experienced for three days. This place is now known and referred as “Thapogiri”. After three years of intense meditation He attained the heavenly enlightenment and that was the birth of the Njana Kalki. Subhananda Gurudev started His noble mission of liberating the untouchable from the misery widely practiced. He mingled with the underprivileged and so called untouchables, to educate them that the God has no distinction between and all creations are equal to Him. He declared there is only one Supreme Spirit and that is the creator, protector and savior of all mankind.

He declared that Bhagavan Himself has taken birth in a Sambava caste in order to eradicate the injustice prevailed. He declared "all are one, one in Atma, one in harmony, you are not alien, if you feel alien that is the ignorance in you, because all are My creation and I am not different any."

Subhananda Gurudevan attained Mahasamadhi at the age of 69, in 1950 and His body was buried at Kottarkavu Ashram in Mavelikkara.

The 10-day annual birth anniversary festival begins with hosting of Subhananda flag on the first day. The festival concludes on the 10th day with Ghoshayathra, Samooha Sadya, and grand public meeting.