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Kshetrapalan In Kerala Temples

 Kshetrapalan is an important Upa Devata in many Kerala temples. The belief is that this deity protects the temple and it precincts. There are also very rare shrines that are exclusively dedicated to Kshetrapalan. It is believed that this deity is a Shaiva Bhoota.

Story Of Kshetrapalan In Kerala

Shiva took the form of a child to calm down to unimaginable ferociousness and anger of Goddess Bhadrakali. The child suckled the breast of Kali and thus she became affectionate, peaceful and motherly. It is said that Goddess Bhadrakali asked the child to be the protector of her temples and sacred places. Thus Kshetrapalan was born and worshipped.

Goddess Bhadrakali has 10 Kshetrapalans as Dwajadevata.

As per Agni Purana, Kshetrapalan should hold a lance (shoolam). He is consecrated on the southeast corner of the temple compound. He is usually has two, four, or eight hands.

All havis and offerings to Kshetrapalan should be kept in a vessel and offered. It should not be sprinkled.

Depending of the nature and pratishta, Kshetrapalan can be sattvic, rajasic or tamasic in nature.

Rules regarding Kshetrapalan pratishta (consecration) and kalasham are found in the Kshetrasamuchayam.