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Two plus Two Is Four So Is Three Plus One - There Are Many Ways To Truth

Realize – Two plus Two Is Four So Is Three Plus One. It means there are many ways to truth.

When we are ready to accept and respect multiplicity we become a complete human being. 
The problem of one-sided thinking is universal in its existence. It is the problem of finding out the underlying truth behind the multiplicity of expressions, extending into diverse forms of life.

We hold something as true and then fail to understand that different expressions of the same thing are laid out in different ways and methods.

And this non-understanding leads to a hardened stand; we become intolerant and, ultimately, violent.

Fanaticism extends to the way we eat, dress, speak, pray and what not.

We want everyone to be like us! Setting ourselves as the standard of the universe!

Being caught in our prejudices and narrow outlooks, we spoil our lives.

Sympathy and mutual understanding is what is needed to make us complete human beings. We cannot overnight change the world but a generous and open heart will make us aware of the task before us and reveal to us the way to bring change in our and others’ lives. It needs evolving out of our ego-world of self-righteousness and self-centeredness.

Of course doing good is one of the greatest motive powers which makes human beings work. It inspires and enthuses people in many ways but this also leads to a another kind of fanaticism—the idea that we can make the world free from all evil, pain and wickedness forever! However charming this ideal may look, it is impractical and just an imagination.

The ideal of Karma is not just doing good but transforming oneself through what one does. It is not mere work but the attitude behind the work.

Self-transformation, and through that, world-transformation, is the goal of Karma Yoga. This is the ideal of Karma Yoga and the more we understand it, the more effective and non-stressful will our work become. We will then do our best but remain unaffected by the fruits of action, good or bad.

SourceVedanta Kesari August 2014 Editorial