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Rajvaidya Of Hindu Kingdoms – Royal Physician In Ayurveda

Rajvaidya, also known as Raja Vaidya or Raja Vaidyan, is the royal physician of ancient Hindu kingdoms. He is an expert on Ayurveda and medicine. Ayurveda is the most important Upaveda, which deals with the science of life.

Rajvaidya takes oath offering prayers to the “One Absolute” (the almighty god) and to live in harmony with nature was the ideal of the profession.

Ayurveda, which deals with the science of life, is further made more effective by Rajvaidya. The royal physician follows virtues of self restraints, moral purity and abstinence.

Raja Vaidya is often mentioned with respect of his skill. The use of iron legs, as a substitute for natural ones, points, however, to some advance in surgery and the skill of the rajavaidyas.

There were divine rajvaidya who restored eyesight and cured the sick, blind and maimed.

It is also said that some raja vaidyans knew the secret medicine required to transform old aged person to young.

The royal physicians had knowledge of a quite number of diseases. They knew the right medicine for the particular disease. Magical charms and superstitions were regarded as equally efficacious with healing herbs and drugs.

Fasts were prescribed to regulate health and to remain physically fit.
Mantras were also part of cure.

Many treatments along with rites were recommended when members of the palace became pregnant. Numerous rituals and exercise were done of safe delivery.

Rajvaidyans believed their ancestors were taught medicine by Ashwin Kumars, the twin gods.

There are also incidents when Rajvaidya became part of the political machinations. There are incidents when queens have taken the help of Raja Vaidya to get rid of heir apparent to instill her son as next king.