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Paroor Shiva Temple At Punnayurkulam – Festival

Paroor Shiva temple is located on Attupuram - Kunnamkulam Road at Punnayurkulam in Thrissur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Shiva. This ancient shrine is famous for the Makara Vela festival in Makaram month. The thira festival is held on the next day. Another auspicious day in the shrine is the annual Mahashivratri festival.

The annual Prathishta dinam in the temple is held in Kumbha Masam.

The temple is an important center of Shiva worship in the region. The traditional temple has got some wonderful mural paintings. The shrine also has all the main elements that are part of Kerala temple architecture.

Apart from Upa Devatas, the temple has a designated spot for naga worship.