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Urulikunnam Aishwarya Gandharva Swamy Temple – Kottayam - History - Festival - Information

Urulikunnam Aishwarya Gandharva Swamy temple is a unique Hindu temple dedicated to Gandharva Swamy and Goddess Bhadrakali at Urulikunnam in Kottayam district of Kerala.

Gandharva Swamy is her worshipped in the sankalpam of Dhanwantari, the Hindu god of medicine. The temple is thus famous for healing, curing diseases and restoring good health. The unique murti also worshipped for early marriage.

The sankalpam of Goddess Bhadrakali is that she is the divine energy of Cheruvally Bhagavathy.

The shrine is believed to be more than 1500 years old.

The temple is east-facing. The sreekovil on the southern side is for Gandharva Swamy while the one on the northern side is for Bhadrakali Amma. Sundara Yakshi Amma is in another sreekovil towards the left side of Gandharva Swamy.

Shiva, Ganapathy, and Sastha are the main Upadevatas in the shrine.

Ayala Yakshi, Nagaraja, and Naga Yakshi murtis are on the outside on the south. Rakshas is on the south-west corner while Annapoorneshwari is on the north-west.

Bala Yakshi, Kala Yakshi, and Kodum Kali murtis are on the outside of the temple wall on the northern side. Mootharu – once the local judge of Oniyappulathu Illam – is also along with these. People who are facing legal problems come in front of Mootharu and offer Vellam Kudi to get justice. This offering is done for wish fulfillment.

Naga Chamundi and Dharma Daiva worshipped by Chempankulam family are on the outside on the east of the temple.

As per history, Aishwarya Gandharva and Sundara Yakshi were originally consecrated at Oorakathu Mada, which belonged to the Pallath family. Goddess Bhadrakali was worshipped at Oniyappulathu Illam.

The temple is now maintained by NSS Karayogam.

The annual festival gives due importance to both the deities and it is conducted in such a way that the festival ends with Arattu on the Thiruvonam day of the Makara Masam (January – February). The annual pongala festival is observed on the Pooram nakshatra in Meenam month.

As per history, Gandharva Pooja is performed for peace and  prosperity, removing Gandharva badha dosham, removing Chovva Dosham, removing marriage obstacles, for good children, and to get rid of diseases.