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Story On God Following Bhakta And Not Jnani – Devotion And Knowledge

There is a good story about a jnani (knowledgeable person) and a bhakta (devotee). Once there lived a bhakta and a jnani. God always walked behind the bhakta. Somebody one day asked God as to why he was walking behind the bhakta and not the jnani?

Bhagavan answered that the jnani has all the knowledge. He is smart, educated and has all the worldly wealth. So Bhagavan does not have to worry about him. Jnani might sooner or later find Bhagavan.

But the Bhakta of Bhagavan is innocent, simple, uneducated, loves none else but him, therefore he has to take care of him and make sure he is within his sight and hearing, just like an infant or child is with his or her mother.