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Know That The Body Is Like An Earthen Pot – Inert

A few teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

That which is the support, the soul, the source, the purpose and the power of all this world, the Reality behind all this appearance, That indeed exists. Let That, the Truth, abide in our heart.

In the company of sages, attachment vanishes; and with attachment, illusion. Freed from illusion, one attains stability, and thence Liberation while yet alive. Seek therefore the company of sages.

When one has learned to love the company of sages, wherefore all these rules of discipline? When a pleasant, cool southern breeze is blowing, what need is there for a fan?

Disciple: 'Who is God?' Master: 'He who knows the mind.'
Disciple: 'By what light do you see?' Master: 'The sun by day, the lamp by night.'
M: 'By what light do you see these lights?' D: 'The eye.'
M: 'By what light do you see the eye?' D: 'The mind.'
M: 'By what light do you know the mind?' D: 'My Self.'
M: 'You then are the Light of Lights.' D: 'Yes, That I am.'

In the centre of the Heart-Cave there shines alone the one Brahman as the "I-I", the Atman. Reach the Heart by diving deep in quest of the Self, or by controlling the mind with the breath, and stay established in the Atman.

In the lotus of the Heart is pure and changeless Consciousness in the form of the Self. When the ego is removed, this Consciousness of Self bestows Liberation of soul.

The body is like an earthen pot inert. Because it has no consciousness of ‘I’, and because daily in bodiless sleep we touch our real nature, the body is not ‘I’ Then who is this ‘I’ ? Where is this I? In the Heart-Cave of those that question thus, there shines forth as I Himself, the Bhagavan Siva of Arunachala.

Cast off the notion, "This vile flesh am I," and seek the ceaseless bliss of Self. To seek the Self while cherishing this perishing flesh is like trying to cross a stream by clinging to a crocodile.

I shall declare truly the essence of the final doctrine of the Vedanta:- when the ego dies and becomes That, the Self of pure Awareness, That alone I abides.