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Edamuttam Bhadrachala Subramanya Swami Temple

 Edamuttam Bhadrachala Subramanya Swami temple is located at Edamuttam in Thrissur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Muruga or Subrahmanya. The temple is famous for the annual Thaipooyam festival held in Makaram  month (January – February).

As per history, the temple was founded by Kunjumami Vaidyer and blessed by Sri Narayana Guru. The murti of Subrahmanya Swami was installed by Narasimha Swamikal as directed by Sri Narayana Guru in the year 1920.

The annual Thaipooyam festival is famous for Kavadi, palkavadi and caparisoned elephants. The colorful festival attracts thousands of devotees.

Monthly Sashti fasting day to attract hundreds of devotees to the temple. Skanda Sashti in Thulam month is of great importance. Thrikarthika is also observed in the temple.