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Shiva Chaturdashi Dates in 2024 – Shiv Chaturdashi Fasting Dates in 2024

Shiva Chaturdashi falls on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of each traditional Hindu lunar month. Below are the monthly Shiva Chaturdashi fasting dates in 2024. ‘Krishna Paksha’ is the dark fortnight of a lunar month. It is the 14th day after full moon (Purnima) or more easy calculation one or one day before Amavasya. Shiva devotees observe the day with vrat, special prayers and pujas. Some devotees also keep vigil all night as in Mahashivratri.

Shiva Chaturdashi Dates in 2024 (Indian Standard Time)

January 9
February 8
March 8  – Annual Mahashivratri
April 7
May 6
June 4
July 4, 2024  Shravan Shivratri
August 2 
September 1
September 30
October 30
November 29
December 29

It must be noted here that Shiva Chaturdashi vrat is observed when there is chaturthi tithi during midnight.