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Hanuman Vrats – Important Fasting Dates Dedicated To Lord Hanuman

In Hindu religion, upvaas, or fasting, dedicated to Lord Hanuman is very popular. Devout Hindus observe various Hanuman Vrats to get over difficulties, for peace and to achieve success in life. In a week, Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and devotees offer special prayers at temples and observe fast. Fasting on Tuesday dedicated to Lord Hanuman is popular in North India.

Another day that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman in a week is Thursday. This is more popular in South India.

Some devotees also observe Hanuman Vrat on Saturday. People who are under the bad influence of Lord Shani observe fast on Saturday. It is believed that Lord Shani does not trouble those people who are worshipers of Lord Hanuman.

In a year, Hanuman Vrat is observed mainly on Hanuman Jayanti day which falls on the full moon day in Chaitra month (April – May), especially in North and Western parts of India.

In Andhra Pradesh, Hanuman Jayanti is marked by a 41-day deeksha which begins on Chaitra Poornima day. This culminates with the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations in Telugu culture.

In Tamil culture, Hanuman Jayanti is observed in Margazhi month (December – January) and fasting and special poojas are held on the day.

Auspicious days dedicated to Lord Ram are auspicious to Lord Hanuman too. Hanuman has often said in scriptures that he is more pleased with those devotees who worship Lord Ram.

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