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Sarhul Festival – Sarhul Festival and Puja in Bihar and Jharkhand

Sarhul Festival is observed in Bihar and Jharkhand by Tribal people. On the day people offer pujas and prayers to village deities for a good agriculture season, plentiful forest, peace and prosperity. In 2024, Sarhul Festival is on April 11. It is also the New Year of the various tribes in the region.

The period is when new seeds are sown and there it is also the festival of sowing of seeds. The wedding season begins with the festival.

During this festival, people pray to elements of nature. A dance is performed around trees on the day.

Tribes all across Jharkhand and Bihar celebrate Sarhul with great enthusiasm.

A highlight of the festival is the traditional dances performed by men, women and children who are dressed up in colorful ethnic attires for the occasion.

A locally made beer from rice and tree leaves is consumed on the day.

It is observed on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi.