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Story - Namdev Feeding Milk To Lord Vitthal Of Pandharpur

Sant Shiromani Shree Namdev Maharaj was born in a family who were staunch followers of the Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur. This incarnation of Sri Krishna Bhagavan is responsible for the bhakti cult in India during the middle ages. Bhakti, or devotion, can perform the impossible and little Namdev showed it when Lord Vitthal appeared to drink the milk he offered.

Sant Namdev was five years old when his father had to leave the town of Pandharpur for some business. He instructed the little Namdev to offer naivedyam to Lord Vitthal at the Pandharpur temple.

Little Namdev carried milk as naivedya to Lord Vitthal.

He offered the milk; went outside and waited for the Lord to have the milk.

He returned after a while and saw that the glass of milk remained the same.

He then started pleading with Lord Vitthal to drink the milk. He told Vitthal that he would not move from the spot until Lord drank the milk.

Hours passed. Little Namdev did not move from the spot.

The innocent and untainted devotion of little Namdev moved Lord Vitthal.

The murti of Lord Vitthal at Pandharpur temple came to life and it actually drank the milk that was offered by the little boy.

From that day onwards, Sant Namdev and Lord Vitthal continued to have this secret meeting.