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Hindu Teachings On Humility

A collection of Hindu quotes and teachings on Humility.

There is nothing stronger than a humble man, because a humble man, renouncing self, yields to God.

He whose heart is pure and in who there is no pride, he who is humble, constant and simple, who looks upon every creature as his friend and loves every soul as his own, he who treats every creature with equal tenderness and love, he who would do good and has abandoned vanity – in his heart dwelleth the Parabrahma – Lord of life.

Beautiful are the words of the prayer: “Come and dwell in us.” All is comprised in these words. Man has all that he requires if God comes to dwell in him. So that God may dwell in us, we must do only one thing: diminish ourselves in order to give place to God. As soon as man has diminished himself, God enters and dwells in him. Therefore in order to have all that is needful to him, man must first humble himself.

The more deeply man penetrates into self, and the more insignificant he appears to himself, the higher he rises towards God.

He who worships the All-Highest, pride flees from his heart ever as the light of a camp fire before the rays of the sun.