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Why is Sri Krishna known as Ranchor?

Ranchor is a popular name of Bhagavan Sri Krishna especially in Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan. Ranchor means ‘one who walked away from battle.’ The name is not used mockingly or sarcastically. It is uttered with devotion and piety. The name indicates that Bhagavan Sri Krishna was not interested in war and he avoided unnecessary bloodshed.

Story of Ranchor

Jarasandha, ruler of Magadha, tried to avenge the slaying of Kamsa, his son-in-law by Sri Krishna. He attacked Mathura 17 times. Each time, Sri Krishna and Balarama successfully defended their kingdom.

But Sri Krishna soon realized that if Yadavas were to progress as a community then they had to make a strategic withdrawal from the war.

All the wealth and energy of the Yadavas were being used to defend against the attacks of Jarasandha.
Sri Krishna thus decided to shift their capital to Dwaraka southwest of Mathura, out of reach of Jarasandha’s army.

It was this wise decision that resulted in Sri Krishna being called Ranchor.

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