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Marulasiddeshwara - History Of Marula Siddeshwara Swamy

Marulasiddeshwara is one among the five Panchacharya or ascetics who are traditionally regarded as the founders of Virashaivism. He is also known as Marularadhya and Marulsiddha.

The five great saints are venerated as emanations from the five heads of Shiva and as incarnations in each age.

Another belief is that the five saints emerged from the five sthavaralingas.

Marulasiddeshwara is associated with the Shivling worshipped at Ujjaini in Bellary District in Karnataka.

History of Marulasiddeshwara

Marulasiddeshwara was born in the 12th century to a couple who were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. The couple did not have children. Once Lord Shiva arrived at their home in the guise of a saint and asked for water. The couple welcomed the sage and provided him with water and food.

Pleased with their devotion and dharma, the saint blessed them with an intelligent son.
In due course of time a boy was born to the couple and this child later became famous as  Marulasiddeshwara.

Some villagers were not happy with young Marulasiddeshwara as he used to perform miracles and spread the word of Lord Shiva. They pushed him into a pit and covered it with limestone and other heating elements. But to their surprise Marulasiddeshwara came out unscathed.

People started believing in him after this incident. The ruler of the region gave him land to establish a peetha and a temple.

Marulasiddeshwara fought against the exploitation of people in the name of caste and religion. He spread Shiva bhakti and taught about the importance of self realization.
When it was time for him to depart from earth, he entered into a cave in the peetha and disappeared.